Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thing 23

I didn't think I'd actually get to thing 23! As a way to do what I'm supposed to do, I'll just answer the questions.
1. Favorite discovery or exercise: the pandora "radio" site. I love going to the site, putting in something I like, and hearing what else they think relates to it. I also like giving "thumbs up" or "down".
2. ...affected lifelong learning goals: This exercise forced me to learn about some things that I might not have encountered. I believe I know some more ways to research and to find other "learners" with similar ideas (or not so similar).
3. unexpected outcomes? I had a "holier-than-thou" attitude about blogs. I thought they were only written by people who liked to "spout" their opinions or who had too much time on their hands. I learned that there are those who use this medium to express pertinent ideas and some of them really care what some others might think about it! Some of the bloggers actually want to help and some actually want to learn!
4. do differently? For the most part, the experiences were sent up well, but some were difficult to accomplish right away. I wanted to learn in a "straighter line" but that's not how it happened.
5. Yes, I'd participate in another course like this.
6. This learning experience was "mind-opening" for me.
7. I've been checking out the other blogs and will continue to do so.
Am I really finished? No, because I'll continue to go back to some of the "things" and investigate further.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thing 22

Well, this "thing" related well to the previous one (which left me a little confused). I clicked on the "Ning" link and then several more links and somehow ended up at a music education blog site in which someone posted an article describing how she used a podcast to assess her first grade students! It was kind of interesting. I have the feeling that it was someone much younger and more computer savvy than I am, but it still sounded doable.

Thing 21

I looked at examples of photostories and I think that perhaps this might be fun to use for personal photos, but I can't really think how I might use it for teaching. Audacity is, of course, quite useful for music teachers. We've used it to record accompaniments and to help students prepare for performances. I've used it in teaching recorder to 4th graders. They download the program at home and record their playing and send me the recording. I can critique and even send a recording back to them.
I tried to register and view some podcasts, but I wasn't successful. I won't give up, but I'm going on to the next "thing".

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thing 20

Exploration of YouTube and Teacher Tube could go on and on. I used the keywords "children's music" and viewed several videos. There were a couple of programs in Japan in which the children were singing in English. Then, clicking here and there, (a festival somewhere), I found a hilarious video of a group of women, wearing big straw hats and performing a tambourine routine to "Stars and Stripes Forever". I'll try to embed it on this blog, but I'm not sure that I want it on here! On the TeacherTube site, I put in "music education". I've attached a copy of a video of 2 guys who live across the world from each other, performing a song together. The video gives some facts about the process. I thought it was so neat and I even sent a comment saying so! This is another one of those "Things" that I'll need to get back to!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Thing 19

I checked the blog of a music teacher and went to the site she recommended--pandora.com. I've created 3 different "stations" of music. I like a variety, so I'll probably create more. I think this is a really cool site and plan to share it with friends and students. I also plan to go back and look at more sites.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thing 18

I'm going to use Google Docs today (or tomorrow) to work on our August inservice plans with committee members. I'm also going to use it to plan the Tribes course that I'm teaching with a new "partner". I promise to report back.
As to the use of Open Office: It would be great to have it available if you didn't have Microsoft Office (which is kind of expensive). I looked at the different components, but didn't actually prepare any documents. I can't see the advantage to using it over Microsoft.

Thing 17

I just can't get Rollyo to work for me. I've tried to download my favorites using their instructions numerous times, and I go through all of the steps, but it still says I have nothing saved. I've spent several hours on this, so I'm moving on to the next thing. I've read some of the other blogs and several people seem to be having the same problem.